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Hello there! I’m Camille Johnson, and together with my colleagues Anna Johnson and Kristin Clements, and the rest of our staff, we welcome you to The Camille Johnson Group’s online home.

We specialize in real estate in Waco and its surrounding areas. Whether you are buying or selling in the heart of Texas, our combined expertise and real estate knowledge will help you secure your Waco real estate goals.

Welcome to the Heart of Texas!

Situated along the banks of the Brazos and Bosque Rivers is a city like no other. Waco, with its unique history and culture, is a thriving metropolis that packs a big punch to make up for its small size.

Encompassing a total area of approximately 95 square miles, Waco is home to several recreational venues, historic homes, and the Waco Mammoth National Monument. Sights to see, places to explore, and people to meet aren’t the only things that make Waco truly special – it’s where you might find your home, and we all know that home is where the heart is.

Homes for Sale in Waco

Waco may be smaller in size when compared to other Texan cities, but the family-friendly community offers a variety of great housing options that will fit every budget and myriad opportunities to make life worth celebrating.

Whether you are looking for a single-family residence, a newly-renovated estate, or a stylish loft located in the Downtown district, Waco has something to offer everybody.

Take a drive around Waco and discover its neighborhoods, each with their own distinct look and vibe. Divided into three “sides” (North Side, South Side, and East Side), interested homebuyers will discover plenty of real estate opportunities ripe for the picking. Notable communities in the city include Downtown, Timbercrest, and Valley Mills.

Homes for Sale in Hewitt

With its excellent schools and modern amenities, it’s easy to understand why so many people want to relocate to Hewitt. Recognized by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in the country, this city located within the Waco Metropolitan Statistical Area is a highly attractive and family-oriented community.

Hewitt real estate is characterized by lovely single-family homes built on spacious home sites that allow enough room for gardening and other outdoor activities. Architectural features of homes for sale in Hewitt are often European-inspired, but ranch-style and Mediterranean modern homes are also plentiful in the community.

Homes for Sale in Woodway

Part of the Waco Metropolitan Statistical Area, the city of Woodway is located just outside the Heart of Texas. This master-planned community is known for the tall oaks and cedars that provide plenty of fresh air and tranquility. Homes for sale in Woodway are diverse and worth every penny.

From charming starter homes to 4-bedroom single-family residences, Woodway has plenty to offer interested homebuyers. Mediterranean Modern and Ranch-style homes blend seamlessly with the local terrain. Great real estate and educational opportunities make Woodway an ideal place to settle down and raise a family.

About The Camille Johnson Group

With 40 years of combined experience and knowledge in Waco real estate, the Camille Johnson Group has served a wealth of clients who are now living out their real estate dreams.

They say blood runs thicker than water, and that might be the secret to our success. Our mother-daughter-and-daughter-in-law tandem, which was formed in 2014, allowed us to expand our real estate horizons and cater to a wider spectrum of clients. Not to mention we’ve got a great support staff to back up our real estate expertise in the Waco area.

Extensive local knowledge and utmost professionalism – that’s what the Camille Johnson Group brings to the table. Make Waco and the surrounding areas your home today. Call us at 254-776-0000 or 254-744-3858. We’d be delighted to help you pursue your Waco real estate goals.