Do You Know Why 29,000,000 Americans are Losing Sleep?

October 22, 2018
Real estate is bugging 29 million Americans—and who can blame them? According to Realtor Magazine, more than 10% of U.S. adults say they are losing sleep worrying over residential issues. Area residents might not be part of any rampant insomnia epidemic, but for many, at least some components of Waco housing costs have been inching up. The source for these sleeplessness statistics is a recent survey, which reported on a broad range of housing cost responses. Included were mortgage rate, rental payment, and home price issues. To be perfectly…
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Selling Your Waco Home Despite the Chicken-Egg Dilemma

October 9, 2018
Especially when the market is moving briskly, selling your Waco home can put you up against a chicken-egg quandary. “Which came first?” is as unanswerable today as when we argued about in the second grade—yet when a key decision about selling your home depends on answering a similar puzzler, it’s anything but whimsical. The metaphor is almost exact. If you know you will be buying a new house but haven’t yet sold your current Waco home, which comes first? As for the new purchase, the universally agreed upon best practice…
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Sell Your Waco Home by Neutralizing the Nuances

September 26, 2018
It may sound paradoxical, but one proven way to sell your Waco home is to make it boring…or at least, a little bit more boring. The principle here stems from buyer psychology—specifically, the difference between a house that would make a great tourist attraction and one whose first impression is more apt to lead to a sale. At first blush, the flashy version might seem to be not only memorable, ­­­but more valuable as well. But that’s not typically true. A potential buyer can remember your house in two different…
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Two Numbers Guide First-Time Waco Homebuyers

September 14, 2018
When it comes to figuring out how to begin up the path to homeownership, Waco renters are left pretty much to their own devices. For the majority of first-time buyers who will use home loan financing to get there, getting started is simple enough: you begin by knowing two basic numbers. The first is the amount of money you will be comfortable spending for housing each month. This is a figure that will cover your mortgage payment, upkeep, insurance, and property taxes—everything your Waco house will cost on a month-to-month…
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3 Questions to Get New Neighbors Talking

September 3, 2018
When your next home is going to be in an unfamiliar town—whether in Waco or somewhere else— learning as much as you can about your choice of neighborhoods is a practical starting point. It won’t be long before you’ll find yourself immersed in finding the perfect house—but it can’t be perfect if winds up being in a neighborhood that’s a poor fit for your family. You can get a general idea of the likeliest areas by doing some online tire-kicking. In addition to querying the obvious places like Facebook and…
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Waco Real Estate Agents Cheer Wall St. Journal Exposé

August 22, 2018
Waco real estate agents who have happened upon a Wall Street Journal feature earlier in the year might have been jolted by the headline, “How to Sell Your Home Without a Real-Estate Agent.” Why would the Journal—one of the most sophisticated observers of today’s business realities—possibly want to lead readers down the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) path? Don’t actual market results point to the opposite approach? As it turned out, the shock turned out to be only headline deep. What seemed to be a how-to for homeowners intent on doing…
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Packing for the Move: 4 Steps Reduce the Chaos

August 8, 2018
From your first thought that you might be selling your Waco house until the day you accept the offer, most of us avoid dwelling too long on one less-than-delightful consequence of a successful sale: the dreaded move! There may be rare individuals who see moving as a valuable opportunity to improve their household’s organization. That’s actually true, but hard to bear in mind as you think about dealing with all those items we’ve shoved into the back of closets and drawers. Even if you’ll be remaining in Texas—or even here…
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About Those Waco Listings…Inside Scoop

July 27, 2018
As soon as you begin to search in earnest for your next Waco house, you are reminded once again how today’s Waco MLS listings have become all but indispensable. Yes, it’s possible that you might find the property you’re looking for by happenstance—as a “For Sale” yard sign that catches your eye, or by spotting an intriguing ad in the local paper. But if you are any kind of discriminating buyer, even then you will certainly refrain from presenting an offer until you’ve taken a hard look at the Waco…
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2 Obscure Factors that Affect Waco Mortgage Loan Offers

July 10, 2018
Whether you are about to embark on your first Waco home search or your umpteenth, unless you’ve managed to save enough to make you a cash buyer, soon you’ll need to secure a mortgage loan from a bank or other lending institution. To understand what lies behind any home loan decision, just do what any good business negotiator does: put yourself in the other guy’s shoes. Getting a yes (and a low interest rate) from Waco’s lenders starts with demonstrating a history of responsible debt handling. That’s been made easy…
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Does the “Perfect House” Checklist Match Your Own?

June 28, 2018
It has been largely unchallenged since its debut in 2014: the list of nine elements that make up the “perfect” house. Originally formulated for a Houselogic feature by builder John Riha, the nine features that comprise an “ideal” house make a more meaningful list than most similar compilations. It can serve a thought-provoking checklist for house hunters weighing today’s Waco offerings—if for no other reason than deciding which listed items are personal priorities. The nine (with a few of my parenthetical asides): Single level (unless there is a killer view…
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