Becoming a Landlord in Waco: 3 Tips for Profitability

June 21, 2018
Anyone who has ever thought about becoming a landlord in Waco has probably been attracted by its distinct advantages as an investment. Owning a property that appreciates in value at the same time it generates cash flow is a hands-on investment with obvious appeal. Yet that same “hands-on” factor can cause second thoughts: the very phrase “becoming a landlord” can inhibit busy would-be Waco investors who aren’t eager to enroll in a second or third career. In reality, becoming one of Waco’s next landlords is considerably less daunting than it…
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Short Real Estate Quiz Would Expose Kids to Fundamentals

June 6, 2018
Even though the average adult homeowner spends about a quarter of his/her or their hard-earned income on real estate-related expenses, there’s no high school course that teaches real estate fundamentals. We may have all grown up accepting that fact, but when you think about it, it really is astonishing. Especially because most of us don’t discuss the very fundamental details of homeownership with our parents, either (at least not until we need a little help coming up with that first down payment). If there were a high school class on…
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Sense-sational Real Estate Sales

May 21, 2018
When we think of traditional Waco real estate sales scenarios, most of us would initially picture the photos that dominate the MLS listing and the information we read onscreen. Then, if those impressions were positive, the next step would be seeing how well the property presents itself as a prospective buyer approaches (the renowned “curb appeal”). Notice that every impression up until the next step, positive or negative, had been exclusively visual. In fact, I think most of us think of real estate sales scenarios in exclusively visual terms. That’s…
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An Often-Overlooked Key to Choosing an Agent

May 3, 2018
One of the most important yet seldom discussed factors that should rate near the top of your list of requirements for a Waco agent is how comfortable you feel in conversation with him or her. What might sound like New Age feel-goodery is actually a crucial ingredient in the buying and selling of Waco homes. Selecting a real estate agent is more than a personnel decision—it also becomes a pivotal team-building exercise. Professional qualifications necessarily come first. In addition to being licensed to carry out the duties and obligations required…
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Taking the Sting Out of Staging Your Waco Home

April 18, 2018
As an abstract notion, staging your Waco home to prepare for listing photo shoots, open houses and showings is a non-controversial business procedure. It’s like preparing any other “product” you might want to sell—to maximize its value, you try to make it as appealing as possible. Yet when you actually begin to roll up your sleeves to begin to stage your own home, the process might not be as agreeable as you’d imagined. In reality, staging for showings can feel like you're changing more than your style—it’s like changing your…
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House Hunting in Waco Can Offer Surprises

April 6, 2018
A couple of weeks ago the Realtor website ran a 90-second video about How to Buy with a core message that could be helpful to anyone who has set about house hunting in Waco. The theme was about the value of compromise—not insisting on a rigid checklist of predetermined criteria to be the be-all/end-all for house hunting ventures. That’s practical advice to keep house hunting budgets in line with reality. The four requirements for which flexibility was advised were: Location Space (square footage) Yard size Architectural style Although too much…
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Thank the NAR®: A Quiz for Waco First House Buyers

March 26, 2018
My organization—the National Association of Realtors®—offers a wide range of guidance for Waco families who have decided it’s time to land their first house. With more than a century’s worth of experience, you’d expect nothing less. Last week I happened across an article the NAR had distilled that looked like a must-read for anyone who is just starting out on the path to buying their first Waco house. Its title was “8 Critical Things to Do Before Buying a Home”—but it could just as well have been “8 Critical Things…
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4 Home Buying Steps (with Some Adjustments)

March 2, 2018
What a simpler world it would be if Waco home buying could be reduced to anything like a simple 4-Step process. Even better if those were four easy steps. Actually, without actually coming out and saying so, that’s the tantalizing prospect hinted at on radio financial guru Dave Ramsey’s web site’s “Home Buying Process Made Easy.” Ramsey is the likable media expert in household budgeting and financial planning. A good deal of his guidance could be summed up in just 2 steps: 1) get out of debt (except for mortgage…
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Selling Your Tenant-Occupied House

February 21, 2018
Even investors whose Waco rental homes have served long and well as income-producers can eventually decide it’s time to sell. Given today’s tight housing inventories, the current market does stack up as one where selling your tenant-occupied house can be a timely financial move. But if that is under consideration, what should you do about the current tenant? Is it better to wait until the current lease expires—so that the vacated property can be shown without having to deal with an inconvenienced (and possibly miffed) tenant? Or will it be…
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A More Peaceful Approach for Setting Waco Asking Prices

February 9, 2018
Punxsutawney Phil may have decided to head back underground for a while longer, but since a roaring economy almost has to bring about an increase in prices, most expect Waco mortgage interest rates to start climbing up from their historically deep burrows. It may be that the specter of more expensive mortgage payments will launch this spring’s Waco selling season sooner than we would usually expect. If so, homeowners who plan to put their properties on the market will be confronting their own pricing issues right away—what’s the right asking…
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