5 Reasons for Buying Your Waco Home Now

September 20, 2017
There’s no challenging that ancient fable about the boy who cried wolf—which boils down to a simple story about why false alarms turn into more than minor irritants when a real wolf shows up. I can’t think of a comparable fable for the opposite situation, which is when an opportune circumstance has been ballyhooed so often that a surefire opportunity is allowed to slip by. Too bad there’s no fable that covers that situation—because I think we’re exactly there right now. The opportunity in question is for Waco residents—particularly those…
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Mortgages & the Student Loan Phenomenon

August 21, 2017
All of a sudden last month Waco readers might have come across a number of new articles dealing with the same topic: the problem young first time home buyers are encountering due to outstanding student loans. The target group is the millennials—everyone born between the early 1980s and 2000s. If you are one of them, you are frequently reminded that there are millions and millions of you out there. And millions who also share the same student loan problem. There are conflicting accounts of the precise size of the issue,…
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Automated Waco Home Appraisals

August 18, 2017
In the Terminator movies, a robot from the future (Arnold Schwarzenegger) hunts down the human heroine in order to change the future by altering the past. Although that’s actually the present. It’s complicated. Although generally considered science fiction, the same thing is happening right now in the realm of Waco home appraisals! Now, before any Waco readers panic, there’s no immediate danger to the community. The authorities have the situation well in hand; in fact, the robot in question has already been hauled into court. There’s certainly nothing that could…
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Weather Tips for Waco’s Summer Heat

August 8, 2017
Meteorologists say that Waco’s meteorological summer has arrived which sent me rummaging for useful tips for coping with hot weather. Most everyone can guess the commonsensical ones, like the NAR’s number one Home Showing Tip in Hot Weather: “Keep the house cool;” or the lead safety tip from the National Weather Service: “Stay out of the sun.” Seriously, here are some ideas that don’t appear often. Some are only applicable in special instances, but all of which make a lot of sense: Comb your fins. This tip for coping with…
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Lighting the Way for Selling Your Waco Home

August 2, 2017
You could say that selling a home—in Waco or anywhere else in the nation—is in large part “a light show.” When you dissect marketing statistics that trace the path of the vast majority of buyers, it’s clear that the first sense that comes into play in the selling of a home is sight: either a first view of the online listing, a glimpse of a property with a “for sale” sign out front, or an image in an ad or printed handout. As the saying goes, “the eyes have it.”…
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Inertia & Clutter (and Selling Your Waco House)

July 26, 2017
Selling your Waco house is a lot easier when you have an experienced professional relieving you of the lion’s share of the work. I spend full time dealing with the ins and outs of marketing, dealing with qualified prospective buyers, and making sure the Texas and Waco technical requirements are met to the letter. That means that the lion’s share of what you need to deal with are the finishing touches of showings and open house presentations. But long before any marketing can get under way; before an eye-pleasing Waco…
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Selling Waco Homes Without Unwanted Baggage

July 19, 2017
There is no denying that the words “FIRE SALE!” and “CHEAP!” and “PRICES SLASHED!” and “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!” have long been used to spur sales. Bargain hunters of all stripes are being asked to take a second look wherever those attention-snagging phrases are promoted. When it comes to selling Waco homes, a For Sale by Owner sign out front can seem to be a promise of an out-of-the-ordinary value being offered—a marketing tactic meant to rope in deal-hungry prospective buyers. But there’s a downside that anyone contemplating selling their…
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Waco Home Selling: Top 7 Avoidable Flubs

July 14, 2017
The reason “Top 7” lists draw such universal attention is their value as time-savers: you can skim down the bold-faced items to spot topics of interest, needing to read further only for those that can use further explanation.  When it comes to home selling in Waco, common flubs would be of interest if you’ve just been through a sale or are beginning to entertain the idea. Knowing the most common missteps certainly, can’t hurt. It has to be noted that home selling blunders to avoid are compiled for the benefit…
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Waco Real Estate Investing in the Internet Age

July 7, 2017
Has technology made investing in Waco real estate easier? Entrepreneur Magazine has supplied an answer to warm the heart of any Waco Realtor® (like yours truly). They say investing in real estate isn’t just easier—it’s grown significantly easier. The reason is the medium we’re communicating through right now. “7 Reasons NOW Is a Great Time to Invest in Real Estate” was the title of the essay. The screaming “NOW” was the initial attention-getter, although the single one of the 7 Reasons that had me nodding my head didn’t deal with…
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Waco Homeowners Note Latest Home Design Trends

June 27, 2017
Waco real estate—like all real estate—is a supremely local activity. Area homeowners who like to keep an eye on Texas and national trends do so because some of them may surface in future buyer preferences. For Waco homeowners in a remodeling frame of mind, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of “what’s hot.” When it comes to nailing down the latest home design trends, there’s no shortage of commercial firms whose publicity departments are determined to make convincing arguments that their products are in the vanguard. Since the National Association…
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