Waco Real Estate and the Love/Hate/Love Pet Issue

June 13, 2017
Pets and Waco real estate have a love/hate/love relationship—a strong one. For prospective Waco buyers and renters who own pets, a home’s suitability can be a make-or-break element in their decision. But how the home sellers handle their own pet wrangling is another matter entirely. The statistics give us a glimpse into just how consequential the issue has become. The majority (61%) of American households either have or plan to have a pet in the future—and of those who answered a real estate survey this year, 81% said it would…
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Housing Affordability: Critical for Waco Real Estate

June 7, 2017
Every now and again Forbes magazine assembles what it calls its “top financial brain power” to comment on a topic of interest. Late last week, the topic was real estate—more specifically, the answer to the question, “Is the Real Estate Market Still Healthy?” Speaking for our Waco real estate market, I’d have to the answer “yes.”(It’s a cinch I’ll never be asked by Forbes to join the panel because a one-word answer doesn’t make for a very long article). Their panelists did better at elaborating. They voiced a couple of…
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Dodging Parental Help in Waco House Hunts

June 1, 2017
You’re excited to be searching for a home in Waco. Your parents are probably excited about your house hunt, too. They want the best for you—what parent wouldn’t want to offer their best wisdom and counsel during the house hunt? Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible for that very same best advice to cause a good home choice in Waco to slip away. Being aware of some common familial pitfalls can keep that from happening: Parents want to see you land your Waco home for the least amount of money—sometimes resulting in…
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Spring Cleaning Keywords to Google

May 22, 2017
Ah, springtime! As the daylight hours grow longer and buds and blossoms dot Waco’s trees and gardens, even when a rainy day is in the forecast, the feeling of new life in the air can’t be denied! Also undeniable is the all-too-apparent fact that Waco’s bright May sunlight is now illuminating months’ worth of dirt on the windows. And now we can see more areas of the carpet that show the winter’s accumulation of … what is that? For residents from one end of Texas to the other, the balmy…
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Selling Your Waco Home: Beyond Marketing

May 17, 2017
Selling your Waco home takes marketing, of course. Highlighting its features—the specific details that the Waco MLS lists for every property—is only the beginning. The number of bedrooms, square footage, lot size—even the architectural style—all help buyers eliminate offerings that won’t satisfy their housing requirements. These are quantitative marketing specifics that qualify a residence. Most have numbers attached. They’re also the basis for the “comps” that the bank or another mortgage lender will use to estimate your property’s market value. But they are only the first step in selling your…
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Waco Appraisal Prep: 5 Simple Ideas

May 8, 2017
You’ve probably heard the wry old saying: “Nothing clears the mind like the prospect of being hanged at dawn.” For some homeowners, you could add an equally wry modern Waco real estate version: “Nothing clears the mind like having a real estate appraiser drop by for a look-see.” I’d like to counter that notion—there’s really not much to worry over when the Waco real estate appraiser is scheduled to make an appearance. The stress level can be lowered by keeping a few simple ideas in mind: Appraisals aren’t showings. Sure,…
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Zeroing In on When to Sell a House in Waco

May 3, 2017
Waco readers who frequently check in here may recall the inquiry into whether there really is a single best time to buy a house—and if so, when that might be. The answer was October 8. At least that was what the researchers at RealtyTrac deduced after reviewing millions of home and condo sales (from across the nation, not just Waco). The definition of “best” they settled on was the date which recorded the greatest markdown between original listing and actual sale prices. On closer examination, though, 10/8 did seem to…
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Aging in Place: an Emerging Waco Real Estate Topic

April 25, 2017
While much attention is directed at the phalanx of youthful first-time homebuyers, the  Millennials and GenXers aren’t the only groups who are having a substantial influence on the direction of Waco’s real estate market. Whether they are tagged “mature,” “aging,” or downright “elderly,” the over 55-crowd comprise an increasingly influential part of the marketplace. They are also facing some challenges when it comes to housing—and where there are challenges, people with solutions stand to profit. Last month, Freddie Mac—the quasi-governmental entity that studies changing directions in the nation’s real estate…
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Mirror Image of Home Pricing in Waco

April 21, 2017
When it comes to the reality of pricing a home in Waco, it’s natural that buyer’s and seller’s points of view reflect their different roles and objective. In a way, they are mirror images of each another. From the seller’s point of view, pricing their Waco home starts out from the reality check of the “comps”—the prices registered in recent comparable neighborhood sales. From there, the pricing decision revolves around the tradeoff between maximum asking price versus the desire for a speedy sale. Even if there is no time pressure…
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Waco Home Sales Bloom Before Tulips

April 12, 2017
Waco house sales do usually respond in the seasonal pattern that is familiar in most other areas. Spring and summer lead the way for weather-related, financial, school scheduling and other family-related reasons. From now into well past July (and sometimes even August), house sales activity can be counted on to peak. Those are the normal expectations. But when any segment of U.S. house sales numbers quadruple expectations even before spring bulbs see daylight, that’s worthy of special attention. That was the case last Thursday when the Commerce Department reported that…
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