Dennis and Agnes Tang

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First of all, thank you so much for helping us to get to this point. I feel that we have not expressed our appreciation enough for your service. With all the changes that we have encountered this year, having professionals like you and your team has certainly been an undeserved blessing. We can’t thank you enough for being our real estate professional through this process!

Dennis and Agnes Tang October 25, 2018

Kim and Bryan Hanysak

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We are SO thankful for Camille’s expertise and attention navigating every step of selling our home.  With Camille’s many years of experience, she helped us through some unique circumstances beautifully.  Without her, we would not have come out with such a positive and favorable result.  Highly recommend!  Thank you, Camille!

Kim and Bryan Hanysak June 28, 2018

Barbara Mosacchio

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I wanted to let you know what an amazing experience my husband and I had with Martha Kate Gunn. As you know we have just recently relocated to Waco from Chicago and Martha Kate was extraordinary as a partner and resource for us as we searched for our new home. Not only did she help us understand the community, offer many alternative on places and areas we could live, but she made all the challenges and stress of long distance house hunting so easy to navigate. She is a Super Star.

Barbara Mosacchio March 16, 2017

Mary and Bob Darden

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Camille is absolutely the best! She is truly a tireless advocate for her clients and never fails to go the extra mile to get things done. Her skill and assertiveness helped us land our dream home. I recommend Camille enthusiastically and without any reservations!!!!

Mary and Bob Darden February 17, 2016

Donna Nichols

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Camille Johnson has earned her reputation as best realtor in Waco by being honest and professional. Whether helping you find a new house or selling a current one, she treats you like a friend , not just a client. She makes what’s important to you her priority. If you are buying or selling a house in the Waco area, you definitely want Camille Johnson on your side.

Donna Nichols February 17, 2016

Janel Griffey

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I will never forget the first time I met Camille Johnson. It was late fall of 2001 when I called her on a Saturday afternoon. I had been told she was close to my age and was expecting to hear a run-of-the-mill, tired voice similar to my own. When she answered my call, I knew someone had misrepresented Camille. Her voice was as vibrant and as excited as that of a young woman upon learning she had just landed her dream job! I felt as if I might have met a new friend, and as it turned out, I had! We weren’t able to meet that day, but she had ninety minutes free the next day after church. Even though I explained we could wait until Monday, Camille insisted that we meet Sunday “just to get started.” When we got out of our cars, I found myself in the presence of a most vivacious, friendly, honest, down-to-earth woman; and in the fifteen years I have known Camille, I have the exact feeling whenever we meet or speak on the phone. She always has a smile on her face, laughter in her voice, and kindness in her heart. I didn’t purchase the first house I saw, but within a few days, Camille had found the perfect home for my family and me. As a first-time buyer, she helped me every step of the way and the closing was uneventful. Camille had taken care of every, minute detail. There were no surprises. By 2003, my family of two had grown to a family of nine, and I was in need of a larger home and yard. I wanted to stay in the area, but no homes matching my needs were available, so I decided to build. Upon my request, Camille suggested a builder who would be compatible with my needs and me. She walked me through the contract phase and answered each of my calls during the building process all the while displaying the patience of a saint! Once again, she facilitated a closing that was as uneventful as the first. Camille also found the perfect family to love the home I was leaving. The sale, and closing, of that house, was an easy process, thanks to Camille Johnson. In 2015, it was time for me to downsize. Camille was the only realtor I considered calling. The very first home she showed me was THE PERFECT ONE. I didn’t look at another house! Naturally, the closing was just as uneventful as the previous two. Last fall, after a few changes to my new home were made, Camille listed my former home. Every few weeks I have received copies and notifications of upcoming publications in which my home would be spotlighted. It is now under contract, and I feel confident, at the end of this month, another uneventful closing will occur. When that happens, it will be due to the hard work and diligence of Camille Johnson. Camille has supported me in finding three homes and has sold the two I left. Each time she has communicated fully with me and her advice has always been spot-on. During these processes, I have experienced NO problems and NO surprises whatsoever. NOT ONE. Whether we are discussing a house, sharing a brief phone conversation, or catching a quick lunch at Red Lobster, one of her favorite eateries, Camille is Camille, is Camille. It matters not, to her, if one is a fledging, first-time buyer with not a lot of money to spend (like me) or if one can afford to purchase the very best Waco has to offer. Camille is genuine, kind, always focused on her clients’ needs and above all Camille is beyond reproach in her honesty and integrity. Without a doubt, Camille Johnson is THE BEST REALTOR IN TOWN.

Janel Griffey February 17, 2016

Taylor Bledsoe

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Camille and her team have represented my wife and I both in the process of buying and selling homes. We could not have been happier with the support we received both as the buyer and the seller. No one knows the Waco real estate market better than Camille and her team, and they will work tirelessly on your behalf. I could not give anyone in Waco a more enthusiastic endorsement.

Taylor Bledsoe February 15, 2016

Shannon Cross

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Camille, and her team, were fantastic to work with. They made purchasing a home painless!! She was a true blessing to me!

Shannon Cross February 15, 2016

Bonnie Littleton Carpenter

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We could not have been more pleased with our real estate seller experience with Camille! We have known her both personally & professionally, & knew she & her group would go the extra mile to sell our home in a timely fashion. Within 24 hrs. of her online listing & help with photos, we had an offer. Our closing was seamless. I can highly recommend The Camille Johnson Group to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Waco!!

Bonnie Carpenter February 12, 2016

Susan Gibson

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You won’t find a better, more attentive, more knowledgable realtor than Camille. She and her team know Waco, their clients and the world of real estate. She is an award-winning realtor many times over. You will understand why as you use her. There’s no one better!!

Susan Gibson February 12, 2016